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The Rise of Tea Infusers

Tea drinking is a traditional British pass time, with 60.2 billion cups of tea drank each year, according to the UK Tea and Infusions Association. But as the general consumer becomes more eco-conscious, the market is soon to shift into more sustainable options for tea preparation, like re-usable tea infusers. As a leader of innovations in the homeware market, RSW is eager to share this enlightening information with our customers, so they can make the best decision for their business.

There is an undeniable trend in the modern market for eco-friendly and sustainable products, as consumers become more and more aware of the environmental impact their spending habits have. The tea industry may be the next area to be changed by this growing movement. A national petition from campaign group, 38 Degrees, for tea manufacturers stop using Polypropylene in their teabags gathered 177,000 signatures last year, which shows the consumer is ready for a change. Some mainstream tea bag brands have already taken action to remove plastic from their products, but others are yet to follow suit. The brand which still include plastic in their products are:

  • Tetley
  • PG Tips
  • Twinings
  • Yorkshire Tea

With so many popular brands still not offering a biodegradable alternative teabag, just like the trend of reusable straws, consumers will turn to alternative such as loose tea and reusable tea infusers. RSW International has anticipated this change in purchasing habits, and so has introduced the Strawberry and Lemon Silicone Tea Infusers an exceptionally low price, which means you can provide an environmentally friendly option at a reasonable price.

RSW international is constantly searching to improve our ranges and product options for our customers to suit the ever changing market. We have grown our eco-friendly products through all our categories including Pet, Christmas and Home and continue to create more items that appeal to this growing trend.

Were you aware of the issue of plastic in tea bags? Tell us your thought on the growing trend of environmentally friendly products.

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