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Bring Your Dog to Work Day at RSW

Friday, 21st July was the sixth national Bring Your Dog to Work Day, and here at RSW International, we were more than happy to have a visit from our workers furry friends for the day. We opened our doors for employees to be joined by their four-legged companions for a work day full of treats, toys and wagging tails. We had five puppers join the workforce for the day, and we made the most of them while they were here.

Millie's Profile

Millie is a four-year-old Poochon (Toy Poodle and Bichon Frise cross), she came to work with her owner Maggie. Millie is a prim and proper pooch who looks elegant even while playing and having fun, which made her the perfect model. She loved sitting next to her owner Maggie’s desk and testing the Sweet Dreams beds for their comfort level.

Indy's Profile

Indy is a five-year-old Pug who spent the day with her human, Grace. Indy is a big ball of energy that loved all the attention from her new colleagues. Indy’s favourite task of the day was trying out all the plush toys in the showroom to make sure they have the durability to withstand a pug.

Parker's Profile

Parker is a two-year-old Shichi (Shih-tzu and Chihuahua cross) and joined his owner Andy in the office. Parker is an adorable dog that has a quiet and shy demeanour but his sweet nature shines though, he was a pleasure to work with. Little Parker came to life while outside testing the tug toys with the other pups.

Sadie's Profile

Sadie is a four-year-old Siberian Husky that kept her owner Charlotte, company for the day. Sadie was excited to lend a helping hand in any area of the business including in the warehouse, she was so happy to be with us and we were ecstatic to have her. Sadie set a high standard for our dog models, she was well behaved and delight to work with.

Woody's Profile

Woody is an eight-year-old Border Collie and he was assisting his owner, Itze. Woody became a star in the office, his sweet and calm attitude melted everyone’s hearts. During the day Woody was a great help at rounding the other dogs up and his modelling session created some amazing images.

Bring Your Dog to Work Day is a fun event to support and to get involved with as not only does it create positive employee moral, but it is also a tool for marketing and your online presence. This year #BringYourDogtoWorkDay was the top trending hashtag for the day, which in turn will boost any post you make which includes this hashtag. You can use this event to show the human side of your business, which customers engage and respond to. If you are a retailer that focuses on pet supplies, this is a charity event that will tell your customers that not only do you sell pet products but you care about the animals that use them. We were able to utilise the opportunity to use the dogs as models for our pet products. Our photographer, Leighanna, captured some great images that we are now using on our promotions and marketing. We were also able to test some products with the pets to see durability and usability.

Here are the key benefits to becoming a part of BYDTWD:

  • Further reach and engagement on social media post
  • Shows a human/personal side to a business
  • Shows the compassion as a business
  • Increases employee moral

What international days work for your business? Have you been involved with Bring Your Dog to work Day? Tell us your view in the comments

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