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Bagasse Tableware

Environmentally Friendly products are in high demand by the general public. Businesses that are accommodating this new approach conscious spending are receiving very positive feedback from customers. But apart from the usual reusable straws and bags, how can you broaden an eco-friendly range? RSW are striving to provide new and innovative products that will further propel your business into the forefront of the ever-growing customer base of the conscious buyer. One set of items that is sure to make great strides forward in this area is our collection of Bagasse tableware.

Bagasse tableware including plates, cups and bowls is a biodegradable paper option, with many positive features to promote:

  • Sturdier than paper products
  • Suitable for hot & cold food
  • Commercially compostable

Bagasse is made from dry fibrous residue, which is a by-product of sugarcane being pressed for juice. The material is pressed into the desired mould in a high-heat, high pressure process. After this process is complete, the result is a sturdy and rigid product, which can hold hot, cold or oily food without effecting the integrity of the tableware. These bagasse plates, bowls and cups are fully compostable after use also.

There is no doubt that this product is going to become a popular items with customers for its many benefits but also for the eco friendly aspect of the products. These products are superior to any paper tableware available and are leading the market in disposable dining items.

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